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Olive oil has always been a key ingredient in the Mediterranean culinary tradition. Whether we use it as a dressing or for cooking, it makes the ideal base for an incredible variety of recipes, and is a mainstay at mealtimes throughout the world.

Our recipes
Pantaleo oil is a healthy and versatile food, perfect for many recipes, from the simplest to the most elaborate.
Poured into frying pan to sauté tasty sauces or used in oven to brown roasts, fish and vegetables, mixed with other ingredients to create tasty sauces, or as a raw garnish for bruschetta and salads, the Pantaleo Oil embellishes each dish with its unmistakable taste.
Quick yet delicious dishes to whet your appetites.
Pasta in all its tasty Mediterranean forms.
Main courses
Delicious meat-, fish- and dairy-based recipes. Where the olive oil always makes the difference.
A fine way of bringing any meal to a close or for a genuine healthy breakfast.
Sauces and Condiments
Give a touch of extra flavour to your dishes with the right seasoning.
Oil Finder
There is a Pantaleo product for every need. Use our Oil Finder to discover the most suitable for your dishes.
Pantaleo oil
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