Olive Pomace Oil

An olive oil for frying

Raw olive pomace oil is extracted in a facility known in Italian as a sansificio. Once it has been extracted, raw olive pomace oil is refined and finally a small amount of extra-virgin or virgin olive oil is added.

As olive pomace oil, just like other olive oils, contains large amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids (with between 60% and 80% oleic acid), which are the best in terms of digestibility and oxidation resistance, our Olive Pomace Oil is on a par with our Olive Oil for crisp frying.

It has also been shown that olive pomace oil contains a significant amount of vitamin E: indeed, a tablespoon of pomace oil provides about 6% of the recommended daily dose.


Available in the following formats

1 liter

5 liters

5 liters


Format: 1 liter

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