Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Choose the right EVO olive oil for every dish

Our extra-virgin olive oil is able to bring out the flavours of all the ingredients without ever overpowering them.
For that reason, our oil is recommended for all uses, both as a dressing on salads or meats, or else on a delicious bruschetta, as well as for more complex recipes.

This extra-virgin olive oil is now a mainstay of our production, whose reliable, pleasing flavours have won over the hearts of families throughout Italy.
The characteristics of this vintage extra-virgin olive oil include its rather intense yellow-green hues and its classic, slightly fruity flavour.
In order to maintain all the qualities of this extra-virgin olive oil, we recommend closing the lid on the bottle and storing it n a cool, dark place, away from sources of light and heat.


Available in the following formats

1 liter

750 ml

500 ml

250 ml

5 liters

5 liters


Format: 1 liter

Use it in...
Vegetarian Carbonara
30 min. low difficulty Extra-Virgin Olive Oil  Read the recipe
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