In the name of quality,
for the quality of your name.

Find out what we do for Private Labels.

and quality

The Pantaleo brand, serving modern retail distribution channels all around the world.

Producing for a commercial brand needs cutting-edge knowledge and knowhow, and not just about product quality. What helps us stand out in the Private Label field is our tailored approach to our customers, through attention to every single detail involved in the project. This approach has always stood us in good stead.

Over the years, these details have turned into “procedures” and “modules” as a result of such certifications as ISO, IFS and so on, which have helped us evolve our in-house organization on a constant basis, to pursue a policy of excellence and to regard the products and brands which we package for our customers as our own.


Nothing but the best in the name of our brand

Making up a good 35% of our annual sales, the Private Label sector is an increasingly important part of production here at Pantaleo, where we have enjoyed long-lasting commercial relationships – in some cases over 30 years – with customers on such important markets as the USA and Japan.

A different blend
for each brand
This is the starting point for every Private Label project – how to create a characteristic blend on the basis of specific customer requirements so as to help the product stand out from the crowd at an organoleptic level.
The right container
for valuable contents
Quality is both form and substance. That is why we offer a broad selection of containers in various materials and formats, that will bring out the very best in the product they are going to contain.

A range of solutions to help you round off in style

No detail should ever be left to chance. All the more so if, like the closure, it’s not only about looks but also how easy it is to use the product and keep it in top condition. Because the consumer is always the focus of our attention.

The freedom to label
as you please
The label is our product’s stage costume, serving to bring out all of its characteristics, and creating an immediate connection with the buyer. That is why we invest heavily in its design, while complying with the different regulations for each market.
Seeing the best
in the name of your brand
Selecting a winning team, one that will conquer markets around the world, is a key area, vital cog not only in your product’s commercial success, but also in the reputation of your brand.

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