Rusticano extra-virgin olive oil

The natural goodness of freshly-pressed oil

Rusticano is a cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil has not been filtered at all, so it loses none of its smoothness and full body, typical of an oil that has just left the mill.
Its distinctive features include a typically “velvety” yellow-green hue and a slightly fruity flavour.
Our oil’s forthright, natural personality makes it ideal for all uses, both as a dressing on salads or meats, or else on a delicious bruschetta, as well as for more complex recipes.

In order to maintain all the qualities of this extra-virgin olive oil, we recommend closing the lid on the bottle and storing it in a cool, dark place, away from sources of light and heat.
Like all unfiltered oils, Rusticano extra-virgin olive oil naturally contains micro-particles of olive pulp and minuscule drops of water in suspension. Over time, a slight sediment may form on the bottom and sides of the bottle which does not, however, affect product quality.


Available in the following formats

1 liter


Format: 1 liter

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